Figure out if you are on track for financial success with a quick check-up

Stop Worrying So Much About Money

Most problems in life are about money. 

Financial stress is one of the biggest contributors to life's problems. If you don't get your money right, your physical health can suffer, relationships can be damaged, and the stress can lead to depression and anxiety

How many hours a week do you spend worrying about money? How much money are you losing by not saving and investing as much as you should? What does your future look like if you can't get or stay on track? Not getting started in time could mean a lifetime of worry and stress.

  • Figure out EXACTLY where you are financially

  • Cut miss-spending by up to 90%

  • Stop being afraid to check your balance

  • Start investing for the future

  • Stop regretting your purchases

  • Figure out a plan for the future

  • Get ready for financial independence 

Master Your Money, Master Your Life

Your Coach

I'm Brian Miller, and after helping hundreds of coaching clients, I have figured out a simple framework for financial success.

Succeed clients:

  • On average, cut misspending by over 90%

  • Increase savings by more than 400%

  • Generally see credit score increases of over 100 points within the first few months.

  • Often end up starting businesses to increase income and reach financial freedom even faster 

We were nervous about our choices before our check-up, but we left with a game plan for the future.

- Taylor and Nikole

I had no idea what options were available to me. I felt hopeless, but now I'm confident about my situation.

- Ayla

I was confused and struggled to manage my cash flow, but after my check-up, I had a system to reach my goals.

- Ashley


How It Works

1. Register for a Financial 


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2. Watch videos and complete tools

You'll get a bunch of training videos and tools to use to analyze your situation and create a plan for the future. 

3. Stop worrying about money

You'll finish the check-up knowing exactly what you need to do to never worry about money again. 

Why should I worry about my money? 

At Succeed Financial Coaching, we know you want to be a person who doesn't worry about money. You want to work, get paid, and buy what you want without stressing. In order to reach that point, you HAVE to put in the work to figure out where your money is at already. It sucks that we aren't taught this stuff in school. It sucks that our parents haven't done quite enough to help us figure it out.

Money is hard to talk about. But no matter how messed up the lack of teaching is, its still up to you to figure it out. The problem is that money is super hard to understand. The 'experts' work to make it seem more complicated- so they look extra smart- and so you pay them to help you. Factor in taxes, investing, insurance, debt, credit, and about a billion other things, and getting money right makes brain surgery look simple.

The good news is effective personal finance can be super simple; you just need to follow the right system. After coaching hundreds of clients, I've figured out the best steps to take to ensure you're living your best money life. The first one is to figure out exactly where you stand financially. Once you understand your money, then you can create concrete goals and plans for the future.

Going through the Check-Up will cut your financial stress dramatically. You'll be able to stop wondering what you should be doing with your money. If you don't get this stuff figured out, the financial freedom you want might never happen for you. If you get started early enough, you'll be shocked how quickly you can be living off money you make while you sleep.

Financial Check-Up

The Financial Check-Up will help you figure out where your money is coming from, where it is going, and help you fix any problems with your situation. By the end, you'll have a plan for your success, and stop stressing about your money.

Price: $97

Launch Price: $37


Get Your Sh*t Together Session

If you already know you want one-on-one help from a coach, then this is the option for you. We build on everything in the Check-Up, but a professional coach works with you for two hours.

Price: $997

Launch Price: $497

Master Your Money Financial Coaching

If you truly want to powerfully transform your life, you can sign up for six months of bi-weekly meetings with a professional financial coach. This is the best way to ensure your finances continue to work for your entire life. 

Price: $5999

Launch Price: $2997

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