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Stop Worrying So Much 
About Money

Financial education and coaching to eliminate your money stress

Most problems in life start with money...

  • How many hours a week do you spend worrying about money? 
  • ​How often do you buy something and almost immediately regret it?
  • ​ How much money are you losing by not saving and investing as much as you should? 
  • ​What does your future look like if you can't get or stay on track? 
  • ​Not getting started in time could mean a lifetime of worry and stress.

Financial health creates the foundation for all other forms of health...

How would you feel if you...

  • Never had to budget again
  • ​Stopped wasteful spending
  • ​​Could have your bills paid by the stock market
  • ​Bought the things you wanted without bank account stress
  • ​Never fell for a financial scam EVER again
  • ​Stopped losing sleep over money

Your Coach

My name is Brian Miller and I'm your money coach. I read my first book on personal finance when I was 11 years old, and I've spent my entire life trying to make sense of money. I'm an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC®) and I have a Bachelor's degree in personal finance, as well as my MBA. I've coached hundreds of people, from broke college students to C-level executives. 

I know what it is like to be nervous to check your bank balance. I know how hard it is to figure out your money. I know how stressful money worries can be. I definitely know how worrying about money can affect every part of your life. 

By Working With Me: 

  • Clients, on average, cut their misspending by over 50%.
  • ​​Clients have increased how much they save by more than 400%
  • ​Clients often see their credit score increase by over 100 points within the first few months.
We were nervous about our choices before our meeting, but we left with a game plan for the future. 

- Taylor and Nikole 
I was confused and struggled to manage my cash flow, but after my meeting, I had a system I could follow to reach my goals.

- Ashley 
I had no idea what options were available to me. I felt hopeless, but now I'm confident about my situation.

- Ayla 

How It Works

It's simple. Sign up for a financial checkup now. If you need extra help, you can sign up for a coaching program. Bing bang boom.

Schedule a call.

Check-Up calls are done via Google Meet. After signing up, you'll be sent some homework to do*.

Get your Real-Life Check Up.

    The Check-Up is a two-hour video call where I present a plan for you based on your homework.

Master your life.

You'll leave with goals and plan to reach them.

* You don't have to send me any private information. You don't have to give me access to anything. I send you some forms to fill out and we work through your situation together.

What is Money Coaching?

Here at Good at Life, we know you want to be fully capable adult. In order to do that, you HAVE to have your money figured out. The problem is no one ever tells you how to actually do personal finance, which leaves you feeling pretty lost. We believe that good financial health underlies every other kind of health, and it is pretty messed up that the system is so stacked against your success. We understand that money is hard to talk about, but everyone deserves to know where they stand with their finances. This is why we have performed Real Life Check-Ups for hundreds of clients to help get them on the path toward their goals. 

The process is simple: after you sign up for a time for your Check-Up call, you are sent some tools to fill out with information about your situation. Then, the financial coach you'll work with analyzes your situation and prepares a plan for you. The plan will cover debt management, investing, credit, insurance, and any other aspects of your financial life that will be key to your success. So schedule a Check-Up now and stop worrying so damn much about your money. Failing to get started on the right plan early enough can mean you'll be stuck living paycheck to paycheck and stressing about money for the rest of your life. The right plan can create financial independence for you even earlier than you might imagine. Imagine using money for the things you truly want and never having to worry about your account balance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't want to spend money for financial help?

I've worked with dozens of clients for free, and the majority of those clients end up abandoning the plan or not wanting to put in the effort to make the plan work. I've carefully priced my products to reflect their value, but also so that my clients have some skin in the game. Those who pay, pay attention.

I (or my parents) have been scammed by someone in finance before... 

I designed these products after working in financial services and getting frustrated with the amount of dishonesty in the industry. Much of what is out there is created by people trying to sell you something, or is based on outdated practices. Good at Life is a new breed of company.

What happens if coaching doesn't work for me?

 Personal finance is simpler than the finance industry would want you to believe. Good personal finance is actually very easy. The difficult part of money is YOU. Your behaviors and ideas have a powerful effect on your money. The numbers will always do what they're supposed to- but you might not. If it looks like your plan isn't going to work for you, we have more in-depth coaching options that will ensure your behaviors change so your plan will succeed.

I bet all of this will take too long!

 Finance is a long game, no question. Getting the correct plan implemented can be done with just a few hours of planning and a few minutes of work. The sooner you get a plan in place, the sooner you can be financially independent.

 I've tried making a budget before and it hasn't worked! 

I hate the 'b' word (budget)- and I know that you've probably tried making a one before. Good at Life uses new and innovate techniques for planning your expenses. After you learn our principles, you'll never need to budget again.

 I don't really want to talk about my money with someone...

The free strategy call is super low-key, and if after we talk, you still don't want to get into details about your money out loud, we can sign you up for one of Good at Life's money courses. These courses teach the same principles and tools as one-on-one coaching, but you can work through it all on your own.

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